katherine gang


Now appearing every Monday night, live in an intimate, acoustic setting with guitarist Joe Young - 7–9pm at Arcane in Manhattan, 111 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009, 212-777-0477

An up-and-coming star among the current, talented waive of contemporary singer/songwriters, Kat Gang delivers her unique brand of jazz- influenced music with a flair that constantly has her ever- increasing audience calling for more. From her unique take on traditional jazz standards to her soulful interpretations of the music of Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones and even the Arctic Monkeys, this Boston-born vocalist has long been winning diverse audience appreciation in theatres, jazz clubs, restaurants and reviews.

One of Kat’s greatest gifts as a singer is her musical versatility; she draws on years of experience from across a broad range of specialties, enhancing her current project with innovation and expertise. Whether singing madrigals, the great American songbook, jazz or pop, Kat distinguishes each song with her vibrant voice and huge heart. Trained in music theory and composition at Berklee College of Music, and a BFA from NYU, she has eight years of professional singing experience in London and New York City, where she is famed for spreading her passionate jazz spirit. Kat has a unique vocal style that has been described as a ‘musical breath of fresh air’; Jazz aficionados proclaim her skills at improvisation.

Whatever your music needs, Kat can bring professional excellence, outstanding musical talent and commanding performance energy. Audiences at your event will appreciate the skillful versatility of Kat’s genuinely affecting voice.

"Kat has a voice that draws you into her magical world. I think she´s absolutely marvelous!"
-Liane Carroll, Best Female Vocalist, BBC JAZZ Awards

"American singer tipped for the top"
-TimeOut London

"As any jazz instrumentalist will tell you, if you can find a singer who is able to scat be-bop licks, and on top of that, sing well in other styles, she's one to keep in the address book. Kat Gang is just such a vocalist. With a crystal clear voice, this Berklee and NYU graduate is making her rounds on the New York scene, with her blend of jazz and more contemporary styles. We're especially impressed by her solo on the standard "Like Someone In Love", and her original song "Rosie". Be sure to stop by and check her out!"

"Kat reminds me of Anita O´Day the kind of vocalist who has her eyes open and yet remains exquisitely relaxed in her lyric and the way in which she sings. She does these amazing things, while smiling, showing off her amazing range while looking like she is hardly working at all."
-Helga Davis, WNYC

"I cannot tell you how impressed I am with her singing, she is very very talented!"
-Sheila Jordan, Jazz Singer